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Representing The Gold Standard For PET Imaging In New England

At New England PET Imaging System, we specialize exclusively in PET imaging. Our focus on enhancing medical imaging procedures allows our physician-owned organization to provide the most accurate results for referring physicians and the best possible experience for patients and their families.

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Over 51,000 Studies Performed Since 2000

We are New England's first community hospital-based provider of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) services. Established in 2000, we have served communities across Massachusetts and New Hampshire for over two decades, performing over 51,000 studies in oncology and neurology.

We first laid our roots in Methuen, MA on the grounds of Holy Family Hospital before expanding to the Cancer Center of Lowell General Hospital and launching our mobile PET operation serving Elliot Hospital in Manchester, NH, Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH, and Merrimack Valley Hospital in Haverhill, MA.

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Breakthrough Imaging Technology

CT scans alone give physicians a closer look at structural anatomy. When combined with the power of Positron Emission Tomography, PET/CT scanning allows our board-certified radiologists to examine metabolic processes within the body and detect disease even before anatomic changes occur. That means identifying the source of cellular abnormalities before they would appear via conventional imaging tests.

We operate the latest Siemens PET/CT scanning technology at both our fixed and mobile locations. Our Siemens Biograph Horizon scanner, located at our fixed site on the campus of Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, MA, is the most sophisticated community hospital-based PET/CT scanner north of Boston. We have ordered and will be installing this same PET/CT scanner very soon at both our fixed site on the campus of Lowell General Hospital in Lowell and on our Mobile Van. 

Patient-First Philosophy

Our commitment is to our patients first. We're dedicated to creating a supportive environment where we welcome individuals and their families not just as patients, but as the people in our community who we call our friends, family, and neighbors. In the face of challenging diagnoses, our team is here to make each visit as smooth and compassionate as possible.

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Scheduling Made Easy

With five locations across Merrimack Valley (Massachusetts) and New Hampshire, we offer flexible scheduling for all of our PET/CT studies. Get in touch for more information about our fixed locations in Methuen, MA and Lowell, MA andour mobile unit serving Manchester, NH, Dover, NH, and Haverhill, MA.

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Our Services


Our medical imaging solutions gather crucial insight for making accurate cancer diagnoses (Lung, Colorectal, Prostate, Lymphoma, Melanoma, Neuroendocrine, Breast, Ovarian, Brian, Multiple Myeloma and other cancers), monitoring progression and recurrence, and developing treatment plans. PET/CT studies can distinguish benign from malignant tissue, allowing referring physicians to determine the precise location of abnormal tissue metabolism.

  • Early Detection & Intervention
  • Reduce Need for Invasive Diagnostic Procedures
  • Monitor Progression & Recurrence


Assess neurological activity and characterize diseases including various dementias (including Alzheimer's Disease, Frontotemporal Dementia, Vascular).

Advanced Imaging Solutions

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State-Of-The-Art Scanners

We're leading the medical imaging industry with revolutionary scanning technology. Our Siemens PET/CT scanners combine the metabolic insight of a PET scan with the anatomical image of a CT scan, providing patients and referring physicians with the most advanced technology available for diagnostic imaging exams.

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Faster Exams

Our cutting-edge PET/CT technology shortens the duration of scans by over 35-40%. With quicker exams, we're able to improve our overall testing efficiency and better accommodate patients for a smoother, more comfortable experience.

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Interpretations By Board-Certified Radiologists

We partner with board-certified radiologists with specialized training in PET/CT to interpret our studies and work with referring physicians to evaluate exam results for oncological and neurological cases.

Find A Location Near You

We strive to make our industry-leading PET/CT services flexible and accessible to our community. Find us at fixed and mobile locations across Massachusetts & New Hampshire, where we serve the people we're proud to call our friends, family, and neighbors.