Patient-Focused PET/CT Imaging

At New England PET Imaging System, we focus exclusively on PET/CT Imaging. This allows us to create the best experience possible for your patients and their families.

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High Quality PET/CT Services In Massachusetts & New Hampshire

We support patients with a revolutionary imaging technology that combines two powerful testing techniques with a single non-invasive exam: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT).

From each PET/CT study, our board-certified professionals gather both metabolic and structural information to help referring physicians make accurate diagnoses, monitor disease progression, and create an effective treatment plan—without the need for invasive diagnostic procedures.  

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For Patients

We set the gold standard in PET/CT services.  At New England PET Imaging System, we specialize exclusively in PET/CT scanning to offer a seamless, patient-first experience. We provide flexible scheduling options and accurate results that move both your diagnosis and your treatment plan forward in the best way possible. Learn more about our powerful imaging technology and prepare for your upcoming visit.

For Physicians

Our ACR-accredited and physician-owned facilities across Massachusetts & New Hampshire are powered by the most advanced equipment in PET/CT imaging. Get greater diagnostic accuracy and faster results with groundbreaking Siemens PET/CT technology, revolutionizing the medical imaging industry with every scan. Contact us with any questions you may have. 

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Our Hospital Affiliations

We proudly partner with the following hospitals to provide on-site PET/CT services.